Ever since its establishment, our farm has been focused on the production of high quality mushrooms that satisfy the needs of the most demanding European customers. The entire technological process is supervised and monitored by a computer system.

The standards implemented by our company guarantee a high quality of our products and, as a result, customer satisfaction. We have been awarded the HACCP and Eurepgap certificates.

Our facilities are fully air-conditioned so that the cultivation conditions are under strict control. All production processes have been automated. The modern equipment of our cultivation chambers enables all-year-long production and regular supplies.

Our processing plant uses an integrated production system which monitors stock already in the cultivation phase. Thus, we have full control over the quality of our products in the processing plant. Our procedures, especially the quality management system, ensure complete safety and control of our products' origin.

The quality policy of our company is a set of actions performed by the management and the staff during the production, packing and transport of the finished products to meet our customers' needs. We want our customers to be sure that the product they buy is healthy, tasty and fresh.

The main objective of our company is to
meet our customers' demands by maintaining the high quality of our products.

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